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personally i use a Mossberg 500 series 20 Ga... i have both the acu choke barell and the riffled slug barell... i have shot the same version of this gun in the 12 gauge and i prefer the 20 actually... and for the noisy slide ITS EASY TO FIX!!!!! just a few min of your time and sime thinking... now with the slug barell i will ONLY use Winchester Super X Sabot rounds... with them and some pratice there is no reason why u cant take a deer at 100 yds with open sight, i love everything about my shotgun and i highly recomend it to everyone... and one thing alot of ppl dont beleive untill they shoot my gun with my slugs... is that i kicks just as hard if not harder then the 12 gauge... i proved someone wrong the other week when we were shooting, he said its impossible and i let him shoot it and then he shut his mouth and asked how much it cost... few weeks later he sold his 12 gauge mossberg 500 and got the 20... GREAT GUN!!!
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