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Default This is kinda funny.

I own about 90 acres of mature hardwoods and swampland, and a game warden came by today. I called this warden last year about some problems with a local club. Well, I told the warden that he was more than welcome to hunt my place, and bring anybody he wanted to with him to hunt. So, today, I rode him around to show him the property bounds, and to do this, we had to go behind(but not on) a neighbor's property. Low and Behold, my neighbor had put up a tree stand on the edge of the field, with a corn feeder out in front of the stand(about 125yds). Oh, Crap, I said. Thank God it wasn't on my property, but it put me in a funny situation. That's illegal in Va. Besides, with such a big mast crop this year, I don't know what kind of idiot would put up a corn feeder now......Anyway, I don't think anything will come of our discovery today....
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