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Unhappy By :This is amazing

By :This is amazing can arfofd 1000s of dollars worth of titanium ring but cannot arfofd a 200K house!consumerism at its bestRE: I bought titanium because it is relatively inexpensive, light, and indestructible.But you wouldn't know that. You just think all metals with names towards the bottom of the periodic table are equally valuable. It doesn't quite work that way.These were handmade in British Columbia out of aircraft grade Ti, inscribed, covered with a black industrial diamond coating and annealed. $275 each. They are stunning. They look like they were carved out of obsidian. Perhaps you were thinking of platinum. Due to it's scarcity it commands a decent price per ounce. Hey, give your honey the same metal that's in her car's catalytic converter! Classy.Idiot. Rate this comment: 0 0

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