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well let me try and help you some... im 20 almost 21, i started hunting last season with a buddy of mine... we had only 2 chances to take a deer both times it was the same buck (we bow hunt by the way) and we both missed so we were disapointed... my dad and i used to have a very crappy relationship untill about 6 months ago... but for xmas last year i baught my dad a nice horton crossbow, and now him and i go out hunting atleast 3 times a week... it doesnt matter if your having fun in the feild or not... atleast not to me anyways... my dad and i are absolutly best friends now, its so cool that i can actually talk with my dad and have fun... so honestly dont think about weather or not your son is having fun... just know this when he gets older he atleast has the proud oppertunity to say his father was cool enough to teach him to hunt and to go out in the field with him...

thats just my 2 cents and from my personal experiance... he may not see it much now and he may get frustrated... but deep down hes probly loving every minute hes in the feild with you.
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