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Default Doe Wounded

OK here is the story
today at approx 8:45 I got a shot on a big doe approx 75 yards aimed for the crease behind the front shoulder like I always do
She buckled & ran the fastest I have seen a deer run I was using my 12 ga slug gave about 15 min. went to where I shot here extremely small amount of blood, small amount of clear fluid around the blood drop kind of sticky & a handful of good sized bone fragments ( feel it was a solid shoulder hit) We have covered over 500 yards in all directions been searching till well after dark & searching tomorrow I have only had to search for 1 deer in my life more then 50 yards & that was just a plain ol bad shot ( lack of experience) & had a good blood trail & found it within 20 Min. I will not stop searching till I find her Unfortunately all sign will most likely be gone tomorrow as it is raining pretty good right now
I have never had to go through anything like this I don't know how I missed my spot I am so upset w/ myself right now I am ready to find her & call it a season no matter the results
Just had to get this off my chest I know I am not the only one who has had something like this happen but it kills me to know she is out there wounded & a good chance the coyotes are going to find her before we do any suggestions would be great I will keep you all updated tomorrow on what we found or did not find
Hunt safe
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