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LA, I'll probably be stalking, since I don't own a stand, but that's what I am better at, and prefer as well. I don't think its hunting, unless your.....well hunting. not that there is anything wrong with sitting in a stand or blind. just my prefrence. I was thinking water source should get me something for sure, but I don't know. I reckon everything needs water. I figure to camp for maybe three days, unless my luck is just that good. using bolt action 30-06, remington 710. 3-9X40 bushnell. came with it, but its accurate as heck, as am I, and one thing the Corps taught me was never shoot unless your going to kill your target. One shot, One kill. so as long as i dont smoke, and keep the wind in my face, move slow, and dont make a lot of noise, (as i was trained in hunting man) i should be ok then?

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