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West TN has some good bucks, that's for sure. It's true that they won't grow if you don't let them go, BUT a hunter should take whatever he or she can or wants as long as it's legal, and feel good about it.

It's great that people have opportunity to pass up bucks but not every body has that much chance to get in the woods and a buck of any type is a big deal. We should never belittle their accomplishment. Taking home a deer can do more to generate interest in the sport than any amount of stories about "the one I let pass" can ever do.

There's plenty of big bucks out there for us to hunt and taking some out of the herd will not matter. Probably half of the small bucks won't survive to maturity anyway, between natural mortality and vehicle accidents.

Besides, you will probably never see that spike or four point again even if it were to survive. After it's moma runs it off it will probably travel 15-20 miles before it settles in somewhere.

So I say killem if that's what you want and don't let nobody tell you it's not a trophy.
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