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Question Jose

Just back again putting in my two cents worth.It seem i have a hutnnig story for every thing i guess. It was about twenty years ago ,a hutnnig buddy and his girl freind all went hutnnig with me . Back then you did not see many women hutnnig . We all got in my truck in the morning early. ,I was surprized to see the little gal packing such big gun . I think it was a 303 british army sporter enfeild . Off we went down the logging , when we stopped the truck to take a pee , When me and buddy were out of hearing range ,I ask him can his girlfreind shoot that big gun , his reply was I dont know .Well off we went down the road again. All of sudden here runs some doe deer across the road and a very big 5 5 whitetail buck. my coffee hit the floor along with its container,I got my truck stopped .My buddy I and hopping around getting buck fever bad ,yet the little Gal remained comm and in collected mamer went to side and ahead of the truck put a bullet quickly into here gun and shot the buck, down it went . Well we were, some what shocked my buddy and I . So asked the Gal , did she get nervous. no she said , no time too. But I do feel like I,m going to puke now , after a minute our two she was ok. Off we went to see the downed buck ,125 yards later at here buck , the buck took the bullet right behind shoulder great shot . She said, that this was here first buck ,so I ask were she learned to shot like that .She said here grandfather taught her on his farm shooting tin cans ,were as she pulled out a knife ask for help gutting the deer.Granpa told me you got to clean your own game please give me a hand. Well I tell youI have seen alot things ,but she was something ,the little lady with the big gun! My Buddy did marry her ,and there still out there hutnnig every year. Ha Ha .

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