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I was going to get the Glock but opted for the S&W Sigma for 2 reasons, the sigma is the exact same pistol as the Glock and the Sigma saved me some money.
Not everyone is aware of the Glock vs S&W lawsuit but apparently the Sigma cost S&W millions in settlement.

S&W and Glock Settle Suit

The Glock vs. Smith & Wesson lawsuit is history. After nearly three years of legal posturing, S&W has agreed to a multimillion dollar settlement and a slight modification to the Sigma Series Pistols.
To no one's surprise, Glock sued Smith & Wesson in early 1994. claiming "tortious acts, including without limitations, patent infringement, federal unfair competition, common unfair competition and deceptive trade practices."
S&W returned the salvo with "We firmly believe the suit to be totally without merit and will act accordingly."

Glock also sent an ultimatum to its dealers, giving them 15 days to decide on which to ca,y, the Glock or the Sigma. "If your decision is to continue to distribute Smith & Wesson products, your contractual relationship with Glock Inc. will be terminated," read the message.

In the end, Smith and Wesson agreed to "remove the surface located below the sear in the Sigma Series Pistols, which Glock contends is a positive guide means, and Glock has agreed that such a modification would resolve the patent infringement claim."
While no one in an official position is willing to say how much S&W will pay Glock, informed sources put the figure at between $5 and $8 million.

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