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well my cross bolt are pretty heavy and hit pretty hard... iv shot through my target when i put on a broad head and it went clean through and kept going, so im thinking it might be the shoulder blade idea, the bolt did go in about 7-10 inches and its a 20 inch bolt.

well i stayed in my stand for a good 10 min, then by the time i got down and got all my gear set up for the tracking it was a good 20 min after taking the shot, i went in and found my bolt (she broke it off on a tree) and i looked around real quick to see if she was laying down near me and she wasnt, so i went home (10 min drive) got my dad and buddy out of bed (30 min) and drove back (another 10 min) so in total it was pretty much an hour or so wait till we really started to track her.

so im still pretty upset i lost her but that didnt stop me from going out today :D and i just put together another tree stand and im gona put it up when my dad gets home with the truck lol, so that way he can use that and he can actually get a shot off on a deer hopefully.

since its now 25 hours after i shot the doe, wouldnt that mean the meat is done spoiled now... so should i try searching again or not?
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