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Angry what happened to my Doe?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Ok this is my second year hunting, and on Nov 5th, 2008 3 doe walked up in my target range... now im using a Horton Yukon Sl crossbow with 20" bolts with Muzzy 125 grain broad heads... i picked the 2nd doe (they were all equal in size), i shot and im not sure where i hit but i know i did, so i waited for 10 min and climbed down from my stand, reloaded my crossbow and went on the search, i went to where i shot her and saw nothing just kicked up leaves no bolt no blood nothing so i was thinking i didnt hit her but i walked around a lil bit and i saw my bolt, it was snaped in half when she hit a tree and there was ALOT of blood where the bolt landed, and this was deep red blood, so i figured the bold didnt pass through because the blood only went half way down the shaft of the bolt, so she had to snap it off and still have half the bolt AND the broad head in her.

so i looked around and didnt see much elsewhere, so i walked through the woods looking for signs and saw nothing, so i went and got my dad and my friend justin, and we went and looked for her.

when we got back to where i found my bolt beside a tree we saw nothing at all, so we walked around and about 20 yards from the tree we find some white hair and some scuff marks on a down tree limb. and see NOTHING else so we throughly search the woods, about 50 yards the other direction i find A LOT of blood and a steady blood trail leading from it and it was freash and had hair in it, so we followed the trail, after about 90 min of following a trail it got light, after it got light for a bit it would pour blood again and not like she was standing still u could see every direction where she went when it was heavy, but another hunter who hunted the same woods joined us because he saw us while he was leaving the woods... and he helped us track her more.

about another hour or so of tracking and the trail gets REAL light, we just found a small drop probly every 10 yards, and it took us to a clearing that exited the woods to a small scouts camp that we know the land owner (yes we had permishion) and right outside the clearing it grass then a basketball course and all that type of crap, and we walked out and saw nothing so we waled South along the woods and about 20 yards down the edge we sight another nice big wet drop of blood on one of the only leaves around in that area, so we kept on the path we were heading, and saw absolutly nothing, we walked into a clearing that lead back into the woods and there were only 2 paths the deer could of took from there, but we saw absolutly no signes of her, and we searched this area for an hour or so with nothing to go on...

so the doe pulled a hudinie on us and disapeared with no trace and after hours of looking we gave up on her (wich sucked because this was my first deer)

i have no clue why the arrow didnt pass clean through her, this is pretty powerfull crossbow and i can knock targets out at 50 yards with it easily (i have a scope on it)

my thinking is with the amount and color of the blood and the fact it didnt pass through is that i hit her rib cage and it got lodged, but if thats the case im very suprised she ran so far and alluded us.

im so confused as to what the heck happened, can someone please shine some light on my first deer that disapeared?

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