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Originally Posted by deputy dog View Post
not to be a smartalec (sp?) but unless you were going after your first deer why would anyone even consider shooting a spike, especially with the overabundance of does in most if not all areas? in my opinion, spikes are for first time hunters, and then only if they are young. if you want the meat, shoot a doe and let the bucks grow and grow. hope not to offend!
No offense taken by your remarks, as I said we are trying real hard to manage his property where the bucks get bigger with age and selective harvesting. If I were taking a 1st time hunter into the woods, this property would not be a place I would even consider taking them as there are many more places to take them in the National Forest.

We have such an over abundance of does in our valley area that you can get 5 doe tags over the counter. So in teaching young hunters proper along with that you need to teach them proper management of your game as well.

I like a program they got in Wisconson called "Earn a Buck", and you must harvest a doe before you can harvest a buck.

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