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i didn't mean to ruffle any feathers and a trophy is in the eye of the beholder. if someone shoots a spike and is happy with that than that's great. i would rather, in my core area, let the younger bucks grow to their full potential and help the herd's health by harvesting does and older bucks with "substandard" genetics. i try to fill my freezer with doe meat and get what i consider a trophy for the wall, if i'm that lucky. in my opinion, the main concern is the health of the herd, and, in my opinion, that begins with sufficient forage. i would imagine that most areas have entirely too many does and therefore that is where the best good for the herd should be concentrated. as with every topic, both hunting and not, everyone has their own opinion and everyone should listen to all sides, after all we are all after the same goal- a healthy herd and great memories!
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