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Not the way I had planned it.

Day number four of MZ season and I am ready to get my buck. To set this up a little history, Saturday was opening day here in TN and I was on the mountain hunting a QDM club I am on. Big buck sign has been hard to find for me this season but I was on some and ready for a big buck. Hunted hard all morning and didn't see a thing, did have two come by just at first light but never could see them.

I was just about to call it a morning when a big bodied buck came running up and just stopped about 20 yards from me. It was a heavy racked 6 point that I didn't think would make the minimum score so I let him go. The minimum score there is 100" and he actually might have been close but I don't think he would have made it. I felt like he was the one making all the rubs so I abandoned that spot and hunted a different area Sunday and saw four but nothing to shoot.

Monday I was at the "Honey hole" and saw 9 including four bucks but nothing larger than a six point. Scouted most of the afternoon and found some decent buck sign and was ready for Tuesday morning.

This morning I am just about to walk out the door and decide to check the email from work(mistake). My boss is giving me down the road about a month end report that I had sent but he has not received. I have to sit down and take an hour to redo the report and send it to him before I go.

By the time I get out of the truck to hunt it is after shooting light, I am ticked. I decide I will still hunt my way into the stand.

As I worked up to a couple of big oak trees in a big thicket a deer blew, It was about 20 yards away. When it jumped I saw it was a buck but it was gone before I could get a good look at it. I froze thinking there may be another deer that has not seen me and sure enough another buck snorted and bounced out about fifty yards and stopped ,I guess to see what all the fuss was about.

I raised the MZ and found the buck and could see he was a large bodied deer and his rack was high so I took the shot.

I go to where the buck was standing and there is hair everywhere but no blood. It is really thick in there and I am on my hands and knees but no blood what so ever. I start circling making bigger and bigger passes and after an hour still have found no blood and am starting to get that sick feeling that it may get away. I decide to make a huge sweep up the hill and around the field. As I am coming down the last leg of the sweep I find blood about 60 yards from where he was standing. A lot of blood. I get excited again thinking I will be on the trail.

It goes no where. I can't belive it, It's like he stood there and bled like crazy and then it quit. I can't even tell which direction he was going. So i start from there and begin the circling again in the direction I think he is headed.


I am getting that bad feeling again!

I have now been looking for over two hours during prime time hunting with very little to show for it. I have decided to pack it in, so I pick up all my gear that I have shed and start to walk down the hill when I think maybe he doubled back to the direction I shot him, so I decide to take one more look.

I walk into the field about five steps and there he is. Hallelujah!!!

Sorry about the long story but I have been celebrating. I guess the point is never quit.

The Pics are in the picture forum.

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