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What the heck??

I had a great hunt this weekend and it all came to a peak about 7:30 sunday morning when I spotted one of my target bucks creeping down the hill down a trail that would take him directly into my shooting lane. Everything went perfect as the big buck entered the lane and stopped at my grunt. I was hunting with a bow, and had already come to full draw. I placed the pin right where I wanted it and released. The buck turned and walked back up the hill until he was about 30 yards away and just stood there. I was watching and waiting for him to fall. I thought I had made a good shot, and my arrow passed cleanly through. The buck stood there for probably 30 to 45 seconds before it took off walking again. He jumped the fence and continued walking out of sight. I thought it was strange, so I stayed still in the stand for a while, and then climbed down to get my arrow. It had some fat smeared on it and a small smear of blood. Not what I was wanting to find. I don't really know...I think I was aiming a little high because I was 20 ft. above the deer and it was fairly close to the tree (10yds). I don't know exactly what happened, but I know I saw the arrow come out the other side of the deer. It did not deflect off the ribs or shoulder, but apparently did not hit any vital organs as it passed through the chest. I have never had this happen, and didn't really think it was possible. Maybe I didn't hit where I thought, because fat and blood smears usually mean too low according to my hunting mentor. What does fat and just a little bit of blood smear on an arrow tell you guys. Oh, and the blood trail from this deer was almost completely non-existent. I found less blood on the trail as I would get from a cut finger...I'm just left thinking "What the Heck"?

I probably walked 15 miles through canyons and brush and never saw any sign of the deer or his trail. Then went and got some buddies and went back that afternoon for a few deer. I hate to give up on a deer, but I guess I did. This is only the second deer I have ever lost, and I still don't understand just how my shot went off. I guess stuff like that just happens, that's what they all said, but I put a lot of effort into keeping out of this situation. It upsets me to lose a deer...

John Eitzen

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