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Hunting with the Gibbs Pedersoli


I am considering muzzloading hunting although I have not done so before. We are moving to New Mexico and I'm interested in Mule Deer hunting in that state. I used to be a Senior Member of the P&Y and have held some Worlds Records in Long Range (600 yards) so may have a few advantages to make up for a long period of inactivity in this area.

I have been informed that the best Factory weapon to be used for M/L is the Pedersoli Gibbs for long range shooting. Has anyone used this rifle for long range hunting? Would most western states allow the usage of a scope on a muzzleloader for hunting?

I could see the usage of this particular accurate weapon; combined with a scope with multi-dot reticle I should think it could be very effective.

I'd appreciate your insights and could understand that with a weapon such as this , setup in the fashion I have described, it may offend the purists who only use the weapons such as they were originally made.


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