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What I normally do is hunt on days that people know that I don't often hunt. I also have friends drop me off, or park far away that way it makes the poachers think that they won't run into anyone. I also enlist the help of several of my friends and we will hunt various parts of the property at the same time and day to keep a good eye on things.

Another thing we do is to put old railroad spikes in the trails or roads people use to come into our property.

You can also hide off the side of the roadways to catch people who are being dropped off

One of my friends had a few cameras stolen, so the next one he put out had a nice lock box put on it....however, there was another camera (a very inexpensive one) mounted a few yards from the first. The expensive camera in the lock box was taken but the fella had a few nice pictures of himself get taken by the cheap camera in the process.

If your local game wardens aren't being of much help ( patrolling the area and such) report it to the states game agency (their supervisors) that you aren't getting help from them. If that doesn't work, its time to take things into your own hands....Ive known of several poachers whose trucks had mysterious holes appear throughout the radiator and motor
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