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Being a landowner, I HATE poachers. Half the time the first day of muzzaloader and gun are spent driving around looking watching the property boundaries. We have caught several people trying to sneak in...most people in the community know that there is a chance they will be limping off the property if we catch em.

However, one afternoon when my dad and I were hunting our box stand, we heard a shot that was about 200 yards away. Considering we lease/own property for about 2 miles, we knew something was up. We went out look for a vehicle or something near the road. We didn't see anything so we pulled down one of the old roads and could hear someone talking on a cell phone but we didn't know where. We left and began circling the one came out.

The next morning at the local store, we were having breakfast and a county police officer walked in and started talking about a wreck. My dad asked where and apparently it was coming off the old country road onto the main roadway. The guy had been in such a hurry thinking we were still around looking for him that he lost control on the gravel and rolled his bronco about 3 times. When the cops got there, they found out he hadn't tagged the small 6 pt he had shot, had an unregistered loaded handgun, and had alcohol.

My dad informed the officer they had been poaching and called the local game warden. The guy had his vehicle, pistol, rifle, and the deer confiscated. He also was fined for not tagging the deer, lost his license for 2-4 years, and had to have minor stiches from cuts sustained during the wreck.

I think he deserved that and more. I hope the same thing goes for these fellas who think it is ok to tresspass and poach. Karma will always get ya back....sometimes its immediate and sometimes it takes a while.
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