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Bore sighting is much easier than people think. The last scope I mounted on my t/c encore, I bore sighted in my living room. The encore is even easier than other guns because it breaks down the way it does. Simply by eying thru the empty barrel with the breach plug removed and then the new scope. You just need to be sure the gun is not able to move. I've bore sighted 2 shotguns and 3 muzzleloaders and my .270 this way. Sure its not the professional way to do it but who want to wast the money on something you'll never really use. Everytime I was on paper the 1st round at 50 yrds and in the black within 2 rounds with consistant accuracey. Then from there I step up to the distances that I want to be zero on my cross hairs Laugh all you want but You'll be surprised..
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