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Originally Posted by Gator View Post
Surgery I hope every thing turns out ok and isnt to serious.
Yep, fell with a 28' extension ladder last January 30th. Not as bad as it sounds since I was still on the ground. I was extending the ladder to catch what is called a strand line that runs with telephone arial lines to do a disconnect for a cable customer. Well the ladder slipped, and my hand was wrapped around the extension rope. So it took me with it, causing me to fly thru the air and land full weight on my left shoulder.

Nothing has worked for this, and I mean nothing so surgery is the last option.

If I use my left arm for anything, I pay a price every night as I did last night with no sleep because of the pain. I had planned on going out early this morning hunting, but I've had no sleep since 01:30. So now you know what my life is kinda like.

Hopefully I will be out later today to tag a nice doe.

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