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Well I know of some guy's around where I live that are getting the .454 Casull, 460 Magnum, 480 Ruger and the 500 Magnum. And now I'm also finding alot of them for sale second hand in the pawn shops.

I have to ask, what will they do here in Montana that my good ol S&W 629 6" .44 Magnum won't do?

The end result is nothing, just add more snap your wrist, recoil and alot more boom for the buck.

I just picked up 2 of the 5 doe tags that I am allowed to have for our valley area hunting district. I'm not going to spend $10.00 for each tag and then find that right in the middle of the hunting season I'm going to have surgery. So I will just do a couple at a time, and then get the others if I will have the time. But I am looking forward to harvesting all my whitetail tags with my .44 Magnum handgun.

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