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Thumbs down Economic Crisis....

Don't know if any one caught it on the news....but apparently in the year 2000, the feds and Congress voted to allow Wall Street to implement illegal practices, on gambling with the stock market, and with out any overseers. Running Wall Street like a bookie venue. Now we had Martha convicted, for insider trading, yet Wall Street was given a green light, to operate in this otherwise illegal practice. ....Problem is; all the higher ups that were privey to this, have more money than God, all us peons, have lost our shirts, retirement, and savings. Goverment bailouts, are still giving these top excecutives, there big fat bonuses. I really don't think it's going to matter who becomes president, as long as all the crooks in congress are still there.
Here are just a few questions: My property taxes went up, yet the realestate market plunged. WHY, Price of fuel is going down, yet there are still fuel surcharges. WHY, What else is on the ballet to be voted for, that no one is discussing. WHY. Look at what we pay for education, yet, they say the drop out rate is almost 50%. Insurance companies; They want money for nothing, try and submit a claim, and your cancelled at the end of your expiration date, non-renewable??? Why are all the mistakes made by our officails passed on to the consumer. They throw us a bone, while they are stirring the pot on the other end...Only in America! Didn't we have a tea party over this once???
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