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Just Handgun Hunting

Here is a great online magazine Handgun Hunter Magazine - Your Handgun Hunting Headquarters where you do have to be a member to read the great articals that are just about taking game with Handgun Hunting only. Yes, they have a forum associated with the online magazine, but that is not why I posted this. Great articals and write ups by Gary Smith and others.

Handgun Hunting pretty much sums it up to what your carrying out for hunting with, Not what your packing while hunting with a rifle. From a specialized bolt action handgun, break action like a Thompson Center Contendor or Encore to a revolver in either single action or double action.

As you will see in the online magazine that there are scoped or unscoped handguns ment only for one thing, and that is hunting game with a handgun, and not spacificly used for self defense. You wouldn't go using a .38 Spl, 9mm, .40 S&W or a .45 ACP to hunt with in the woods for whitetail deer or larger it's just not appropriate.

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