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I'd like to really hear you shoot from a solid shooting bench with specific powder loads and maybe at least 2-3 different bullets. I don't think the yardage is a big problem if you sight in at say 50 yds and group 1-1/2" high centered. The loading sequence for muzzleloaders is important and needs to be done nearly identical every time. If you use pellets don't crush them if you use powder just compact the bullet. Practice makes perfect. Hopefully, you're rigged with a good scope. 100 yds starts to get long for open sights and for me and my eyesight too long without a scope. Most in-line guys are using 2-50 gr pellets; powder 90-100 grs/equivilent for 50 cal guns. I hear 777 powder is getting good reviews, I'm an old blackpowder guy so I use 2f and 3f.
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