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Originally Posted by Annie Oakley View Post
Well a Pa. man, shot a Vermont hunter yesterday in the NEK. Apparently the Pa man thought he was a bear. Now this is where I get unnerved... If you can't SEE your shot....DON'T TAKE IT. Never mind, today we have binoculars, scopes, glasses, and he WASN'T A BEAR. And if the report is correct the Vt man was hunting his own land, for moose.

Now the state wants to have a mandatory hunters course every 5 years.
My thought are; stupid, trigger happy, who will now learn a VERY EXPENSIVE LESSON....

The State doesn't want to have a mandatory "Refresher Hunter Safety course" ewvery 5 years, that's what was suggested by an 8th grader, The state doesn't agree with the idea at all claiming it's hard enough to get enough teachers to cover the current demand for hunter ed. courses Not to mention It wasn't even a Vermont hunter who shot the man, so how would refresher courses help? Out of staters aren't even required to take the Vermont course they only have to produce a license from another state or the other states "Certificate of completion of a hunter education class"
I will never understand how another hunter can be shot because he was mistaken for something other than a "HUNTER" I hope the shooter gets the stiffest punishment allowed by law.

ETD, The Vermont bear season runs during some of the States other hunting seasons. So it isn't odd for someone to shoot a bear while hunting for something else. Except during Archery season a hunter Cannot carry a firearm while hunting with a Bow and Arrow.
All vermont hunters get a buck tag and a bear tag when they purchase their licenses

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