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deer in my garden

yep i live smack dab in the middle of the city limits. (unfortunately) they were bedded down right behind my chain link fence and proceeded to walk all around my garden checking out what good eats i had for them. surprisingly enough they did not mess with any of it. guess there waiting for the garden to mature a little bit. i thought for sure the lettuce would be trampled and ate but they just walked all around and left it alone. i guess romaine lettuce aint a good idea for a food plot. they did not even bother the fresh tender corn that just popped out of the ground a couple days ago. must a not been hungry. my wife wanted me to close the gate so they did not eat everything but i like watching how they act. plus if they wanted the garden food, a 4 foot fence wont slow them down a bit. i might even see how brave they will be and see if i can draw them around with my doe bleat. as long as they leave my okra, squash and maters alone we want have no problems.
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