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Originally Posted by ronn View Post
i'm interested in the reasons for raw meat diet. i would never feed my dogs deer where they are hunting dogs and i don't what them to get a taste for deer. i'm would also be concerned about any raw meat because i would think their resistance to diseases would have been bred out of them with humans manipulation of the breeds. just wondering why raw meat.
Actually, raw is better than many dry dog foods on the market, as long as you get proper portions of meat, organs, and bone. And the resistance to diseases has not been bred out of them. In humans, the stomach consists of about 20-25% acid, where dogs it's about 50%. This is why they can eat what they can eat and not get sick. And you are worried about a dog getting sick by a raw diet? What about when they lick their butts? There's a thousand times the amount of bacteria, etc, and they don't get sick from that. Then there's dogs that come across dead rodents that have been sitting for who knows how long, and they just scarf it down if you don't catch them before hand, and they still don't get sick.

As for the deer meat, it is excellent for dogs, as well as other meats. And if a person is really worried about it, the deer meat can be frozen for a minimum of 30 days before feeding it to them. But it's not necessary. Also, I don't own any hunting dogs either. Mine are all herding dogs, a Cattle Dog, a Border Collie, and a Sheltie. I'm slowly moving them over to a completely raw diet, you don't want to shock their system by just completely shifting over. Also, when dogs are on wet or dry dog foods, you really should be brushing the teeth often, even if they have lots of things to chew on. But with the dogs that I know that are on a 100% raw diet with raw bones, their teeth are in perfect condition, and they don't brush either. The raw meat provides the enzymes that help prevent tartar, etc. And the bones also help in scraping the teeth clean as well.

As for the other info, thanks for the ideas on the hunting shops, etc. I'll have to ask around. Much appreciated.
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