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I think one of the perfect tickets would be a Jesse Ventura/Ted Nugent ticket...that would be a great day in our country!

Thanks for everyone's responses and I love that people actually could discuss it without anyone going off.

In response to an earlier post, Ron Paul is extreme in some of his beliefs but he is for disbanding of NAFTA. NAFTA completely destroyed this country by sending many if not all our blue collar factory jobs to other countries for cheaper labor. My home town was centered around a huge H.I.S. factory which left the town with a huge unemployment rate when it moved just months after the passing of it. This caused many people to move from the town.

Also, he is a believer of the Fair Tax which is something I think we should implement immediately. That would be a HUGE help to our current economy. If y'all haven't done much research on it, google it and read up.

Isolationism is another policy of his that I do believe in. We still need to trade with other countries, but I believe we need to stop trying to police the world and concentrate on making the best lives for our own citizens first.

If Obama wins the election, he wants to lower taxes yet start all these new health care programs and such. How can you make new programs when the government income is going down. Also, all of your rich people (that top 5-10%) are in positions of you really think those people in Congress are going to pass a bill to take more of their own money? I believe Obama is just like John Kerry was...he will say whatever sounds good to get people to like him.

My final thing against Obama is that he has way to many possible terrorist ties. Most of the prominent people he has been connected to, commonly blame white people for the problems in America, denounce America, have done extremely radical things that have killed innocent people. I thought it was scary that Obama was tied to ACORN (they contributed $800,000 to him) and they have been a huge part in voter frauds across the country....scary ain't it.

I do not believe McCain to be all that great but I do have to say he (like George Bush in the last election) is the lesser of two evils. It's sad that we always seem to vote for the people who scare us less....when will we have good enough candidates to be voting for the actual better person.
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