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Just My First Deer Today With My Horton HD 175 Hunter Series.

I am full aware of the debate between pure Bow hunters, and the Crossbow hunter.

But my deer today renforced to me it is not the method, but the it's the skill that makes the kills.

I go out to Hunt, Harvest what I kill, and perserve the land and the heard for my childern and my fellow hunters.

No matter what you hunt with, blow gun, sling shot, spear, shotgun, muxzzle loader, .306 etc. It boils down to skill. Understanding the personalities of your prey, positioning your self to your advantage for the kill, Using the right equipment, cammo, de-sent spray, blinds or tree stands, and a shread of patience you will get your kill. Regardless if what you LEAGALLY used in your area of the hunt, it is your skill that maks the Kill.

Good Hunting
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