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There aren't too many days left until our country will be voting on another president, and I just wanted to encourage everyone to take part in the democracy they hold so dearly. We all love our country and the freedoms it gives us. We all complain when the government does something we don't agree with but have the time the majority of our citizens won't make their voice heard....Go out and vote!

While I know you are never suppose to talk politics with anyone because arguments can happen, I have recently read that the Sportsman Vote is a big turnout and something that candidates fight for. I had two questions for y'all:

1. Who all on here will actually vote?

2. What candidate will you vote for?

I personally think Ron Paul would be the best candidate to vote in to the White House, but I will probably end up voting for McCain and Palin in order to help them beat Obama.

I do not wish to start and argument or to offend anyone, just simply wondering and looking for a mature DISCUSSION of the matter.

Have a good one!
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