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I say that you don't have much to worry about. Unless you have had a lot of hard frosts, there is still a ton of natural vegetation for the deer to eat without moving too far from their bedding area. Also, acorns are the favored food by deer so if your area is sporting a heavy acorn crop, then the deer in the fields will be sparse. Once most of the leaves fall, they will cover up the acorns and the nuts will start to rot forcing the deer back to other food sources. By this time, most of the other vegetation will have become scarce too. This means deer will head to the fields.

As for what to plant, I plant white clover mixed with wheat for 60% of our fields. I personally believe that clover is one of the best foods year round for whitetail. We often see button bucks jump to nice 6pts or even in a few causes nice 8pts in one year. Also, it is fairly easy to maintain. The other 40% is corn that is planted in about a 15-20 ft strip about 15-20 ft from the edge of the field. This helps the deer feel covered (because they aren't, in their minds, coming out into a large open field) and can make then come out earlier in the evening.

Putting in a pond is also a good move because you are making a natural water source as well.

As for stand placement, I would put several around the edges of the field, and on any point of timber that juts out into the field. Also, I would suggest hunting between your field and other points of food/bedding.

If you believe that the doe population is a bit too high, I would make sure to have you and your buddy take out 3-4 each early this year or even late season.

If you do have a lot of does, I would bet that the rut is going to be amazing on your property!

Hope this helps and good luck!
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