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On the farm/woods I hunt, I have several stands all around different parts of the fields/ridges. There are about 2 main ways to enter the property as well. The wind always determines which stand I will climb in. If the field/ridge can't be hunted with a perfect wind (and there is evidence of a big buck) I will just not hunt the area. I'd rather wait for the perfect wind than to go in and leave my scent or make noise and scare the deer to another route pattern.

I use scent eliminating products, but risking going in and out of a hunting area to hunt without a good wind is just ignorant to me. You never know what may be bedded down right where the bad wind is blowing. Plus spooking deer going in and out to hunt without favorable conditions can cause the deer to stay bedded longer. This means that even the does and small yearlings move later or more cautiously....and the big bucks notice that.

At the same time, if you are hunting in the peak of the rut, you never know where the deer may be coming from so a bad wind can actually be a good one. Deer often stray from trails (especially if there is a lot of doe estrus/deer smell/deer noise in the area).
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