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Well, for one thing, I don't hunt, and don't want to hunt. I much prefer fishing than hunting. I live in Wenatchee, WA, and don't know of too many butchers other than the butchers in the grocery stores like Safeway. And I think most people here clean their own deer, and not the butchers. That friend of mine does his own, as well as the other friends he hunts with, they do it together, and I get the scraps. I just don't know anyone else who hunts. Nobody at where I work hunts either, only for birds with his bird dog.

As for the meat, deer is really good for dogs. I don't just feed deer either, just wanting to get enough to feed on and off through the year. I'll be doing beef, fish, chicken, and turkey as well. But I can get all those at the grocery stores. Also, since I live in town, no issues with my dogs going after deer hanging on swings, lol.

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