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For what it's worth, I used to be a bottle man myself. two years ago I took my 13 year old daughter to one of my favorite spots. We were both in the stand together. After about two hours of sitting, the coffee kicked in. The bottle wasn't an option with her sitting there, so I decided to climb down. At this time I was thinking I just blew her chance of bagging one. I walked about 40 yards away and relieved myself. I climbed back in the stand and thought we were waisting our time. Not fifteen minutes later two does walked to the exact spot where I had just peed. After a couple of minutes they just wondered off. Just behind them came a nice tall eigtht point. It walked to the exact spot I just peed and smelled that spot. He stood there long enough for my daughter to take aim and take the shot. What I thought was a ruined hunt turned into one of the best days Ive ever had. Theres nothing like watching one of your kids take their first deer and a very nice one at that.
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