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Question What's the best way to sight in this gun?

Hello all!

After finding this sight through Google, i decided to join and ask a few questions:

I have a Traditions Springfield Hawkens model .50 cal muzzle loader with open sights.

I was wondering if anybody has this kind of gun, and what is the best way to sight it in, and at what range.

I've shot it a few times already (Bought it new) and it is shooting to the right and up about 4 inches diagonal from the bullseye at 20 yards (!). But it was grouping within about 2 inches in that same spot. So i guess that's pretty good.

I'm using 100-125 grains of Pyrodex RS (FFG equivalent) powder with Remington No.11 percussion caps, and Thompson/Center MAXIHUNTER 275 gain bullets/slugs (Whichever you'd call them, they look like shotgun slugs to me :) ) I'm going to be using traditional lead balls with patches from now on, however, because they are cheaper and i wanted to go more traditional...

Thank you for your answers in advance. I appreciate how clean this forum is compared to the "norm" that's out there


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