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Originally Posted by joel the signman View Post
i used to pee in a bottle now i just pee off the stand i swear i see more deer know.maybe i should bottle and sell it
"When a mans gotta go, a mans gotta go" and along with Joel I don't think it's a problem.
I've had deer walk right into the area just after I went 15 or 20 minutes earlier BUT I usually try to go before I get into the woods.

As a matter of fact last tuesday and I have witnesses to this, I was doing my "I gotta go dance" and the 2 guys I was hunting with headed into their spots.
As they left, I relieved myself just before heading in myself. As I started to walk into the woods I spotted 3 doe's quartering away
(those doe's were about 70 yards from where we split up, not spooked at all)
I decided to only go in about 20 yards. Well about 2 hours later (right about sunset) I had a "HUGE Racked Buck" (maybe 10 or 12 points) come into about 60 yards from where I pee'd a couple hours earlier BUT the buck never offered a shot, he managed to stay tucked behind a lot of new growth the stuff a bullet can't even make it thru and I was bowhunting, he browsed for about 5 or 6 minutes and All I could do was watch it walk off. But that's ok because I know where he lives now!

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