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Excessive Rattling

I was in my stand last week and had a guy within 100 yards of me rattle for 3-4 min straight every 30 min for 3-4 hours. His next sequence was predictable. He was way over aggressive for this time of year. When he started this fiasco I was observing a deer about 80 yards from me and it blasted out of there as fast as you can imagine. I think it was a spikehorn. I wanted to rattle this guys cage but hunters need to cope with other hunters. I did not approach this hunter nor did he know I was there. I did not want to educate this guy to the wherabouts of my ladder stand.

In my honest opinion, where I hunt in Southern New Hampshire rattling does not work. This is one of several rattling incidents I have observed in the past 25 years that cause me to think this way. Where I hunt the doe to buck ratio is high so the bucks do not have to compete as much as in other areas of the country. This guy is applying South Texas style hunting to NH. Most likely watching too many hunting shows.

Has anyone else had similiar experiences? I assume that this guy was a newbie. If I meet up with him I will let him now what happened so he can learn from his mistakes.
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