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Well I'm just getting back from the Plattsburgh, N.Y. Outdoor Adventure event and we did get to meet "WHITETAILFEVER" and his son which for us made the whole trip worth going for,, had it not been for meeting them I'd have to say the Outdoor Adventure event wasn't worth it and I'd categorize it as nothing more than a fancy schmancy Sales event for hunting supplies and the sales weren't even anything to brag about....
I ended up buying the Realtree Roadtrips best of season 5 DVD and Esther ? well ,, she went shopping,, She got an electric Gourmet Fry kit and the frying oil and a couple different Marinades for injecting...

Whitetailfever, again it was a real pleasure meeting you and your son and I hope we get to meet again at future events, it's always nice meeting new folks and putting a face behind the name. Is your son a hunter?
Can we expect to see him in the Bucks for a Buck or Dough for a Doe contest this year?
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