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I'm back

All I can say is that if you ever see a race in person, then it will be your favorite sport to watch in person, even more than football and hockey. If it really is just all about making left turns then why isn't everyone doing it? Why is there so much money involved in it? The other thing I like about the sport is that the drivers are so accessable. I've met several drivers and they are all really down to earth. MOst of them, except Gordon, are about as redneck as the fans are. I still say that these guys are exceptional athletes. People like to say that wrestlers are athletes. Well, everything they do is fake or choreographed. It takes more than bulging muscles to be an athlete even though it helps. It takes the ability to make split second decisions, quick reflexes, and anticipation. I must be an athlete- I have all those qualifications (especially the bulging muscles)... lol.
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