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Gas Prices, Gougers

Just wondering what gas prices were doing in ya'lls neck of the woods. Since Thursday we seen quite a rise at certain stations in TN. 1 station down the road close to town made the news for raising their prices to $5 a gallon Friday. Crazy!! Then we had this Indian owned station in a town over who did something wrong too. Thurs night before IKE hit and he heard prices were going to go up he put plastic over his pumps and told people he was outta gas. Then Fri morning when he opened he pulled the plastic and sign on the front door and started sellin his gas for $1 more. My buddy that lives next to the station said he would have heard a gas truck if 1 would have pulled in during the middle of the night. Wrong again.

A little country station down the road from me didnt change their prices at all. Thank goodness. The way I looked at it. (i had half a tank at the time, if I was on E im sure i would have pulled in and got gas) If the nation is going to run outta gas that full tank is not going to really do you any good. We would come to a stand still for a day and then we would have gas again. Maybe im to much of an optimistic. The way I look at it if you got any groceries at the house you can make it a few days with no gas. Because if you dont have gas to go to work neither does anybody else. I know we have to spend money to make the economy roll but it would not hurt anyone to have to eat beans and taters at the house for a few days. I happen to prefer home cooking anyway.

Dont get me wrong, I dont want anyone to miss work for shortage of gas. But it would probably slow some people down, make them look around and appreciate what they have. Family, friends, a place to live. The stuff that really matters. It also might make them think next time they put McDonalds on a credit card and dont pay the balance at the end of the month.

Sorry i rolled on with this post. I just think about my grandparents and the older generation that use this site today. They dont finance hardly anything. We young foks could learn from that. We need to start taking notes.
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