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I bore sighted my TC Truimph last year.. I used an el cheapo adjustable bore sighter that I got as a Christmas present 1 year. It adjust from like a .22 to a 50 cal. I put the bore sight in my 30-06 that I knew was accurate and then placed it in my 50 cal and placed the laser on the same spot that my 30-06 was hitting on the target. (I did this at like 10 yds down my hallway in my house) It got it close enough to hit paper at 50 yds. Dont let a bore sight take the place of range time.. I dont trust them that much. If i use them I do it on a new set-up just to help me save a few shots at the range. If I had to pay someone to do it I probably wouldn't do it all. I would just start out at very low yardage and then gradually move out.

No I havent used the powder sticks. Hopefully someone else on here can help you out.
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