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Originally Posted by traindriver View Post
the gun would definitely be Backup Plan A if yer talking about bear. Backup Plan B (run like a mad man) doesn't always work. Option C (crap yer pants while running) is smelly, and equally ineffective.
just hit what your aiming at with the bow and throw the backup plans in the dump. a sturdy skinning knife should suffice for a backup plan.

just messing with you joel. by all means take a gun. if it aint in bow range than blast it with your rifle. its still a trophy and a fun hunt no matter what weapon you choose. and if i was bow hunting bear i would like something with plenty of UMPH to use in case i missed and just ticked the beast off. mad bear chasing you, means you need firepower quickly. and if your like me you cant shoot arrows nearly as fast Legolas did in Lord of the Rings.
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