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did not take the blind just wore our rain gear. we messed up by listening to the weather man. it was suppose to be hard thunderstorms from 4 am till around 10 am. so we decided to get there at 8 or so and just sit out the hard weather. we just knew the birds would be coming out in the fields after the rough part of the rain. well i wake up this morning and there is no heavy rain. looked outside and it looked like prime time to be in the field. the front moved in slower than they thought so the heavy stuff did not start till about 12 noon. we only heard about 5 gobblers and they would not move to us. we seen one strutting on the side of the mountain about 120 yds away but he was moving in on a couple hens over there and would not be called away. right after we saw that i noticed 2 guys walking through the woods on a direct path to our birds. they ran them off. the gobblers were just not in a mood to talk this morning or they were hened up. we were hunting land that we lease and it is a prime turkey area. it is rare not to see alot of birds out in the fields. today i guess they just did not want a part of it. there will be a next time though.

and oh yeah the 2 guys walking around were a son and a grandson of the guy we lease from. they were not wearing any camo just walking around the woods and claimed to be turkey hunting. they had figured we were deeper into the property and that they would not bother us in the area they were walking in. guess thats what they get for thinking.

and yes in tennessee you can hunt all day.
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