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Yeah bruce i guess their budget ran low... From what I read they seem to actually be anti NRA ronn.

Mod forum. where the mods talk about what spam to get rid of etc. And in this case a controversial ad.

Whats it take to be a mod? Good head on your shoulders is the main thing. I dont want our mods ticking folks off and getting into it with folks. Over editing and such.

When the site started growing and I needed help I just asked a couple of the members that had been using the site the longest to help me keep a control on things. We try to keep the forums cuss word free, spam free, etc. The more the site grows I just add a mod every now and then. We expect traffic to be about 90k+ this Nov so I just added another mod. (HuntingMan) Hunting Man showed an interest in the past so I asked him if he still wanted to do it.
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