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A friend of mine lent me his otherwise I'd sent them to ya. These are hands down the best instructional muzzleloading videos I have seen to date.
Some things I picked up on real quick: Accessories recommended are expensive but help ensure less than or equal to 1" MOA at 100 yards.

1. Always use a spin jag to clean and load your rifle. (website below)
2. Always use a retriever to scrap the plastic sabot residue out of the lands/grooves of the rifling.
3. Clean your mz well at the range between shots to find what load works best for your rifle.
4. Use powder and not pellets. Pellets do not have the tolerances and leave a pocket between the pellet and breechplug. This creates uneven burn. Pellets also crush under pressure where powder doe not.

SpinJag - The 2-in-1 Jag For Muzzleloaders
MAX: Muzzleloader Accuracy Xperts
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