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Colts @ Titans

Ok. So the Titans are on a 2-game winning streak. Think they can make it 3 in a row? We lost to the Colts by a mere point last time, and that was in Indy. A lot has changed since then though - for both teams.

My Prediction:

From what I've read, Fisher is still planning on starting Reynaldo Hill. The same DB that practically every team we've played has attacked relentlessly. If Fisher does indeed start him instead of Courtland Finnegan (a guy who started in his Hill's place when he was injured), Manning will shred our pass D.

IMO, our only hope is to get T. Henry off to a great start, run him 30-40 times, and keep the Colts offense off of the field.

Colts: 31
Titans: 20

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