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I was raised in TN, well thats the way I see it anyway, and as a kid we would go look for them. This is in the 70's. Plowed fields in the spring right after a thunder storm or heavy rain. Soy bean fields were the best cause they plowed deep. The arrow heads would just be lying on top of the ground. In some fields we found pipes, axes, mini balls, maybe from the war of northern aggression, thats for you southern boys, but we don't know. there was fighting all over the place down there. Anyway look for a high spot in a field that is along a river or better yet where to rivers merge. Bruce the problem with up here is they, the people really didn't stay put. Water fall areas, for the fish, and rivers between the lakes were annual camp sites. The native peoples down there were mound builders, but they didn't make the effigy mounds that you see in Ohio. So if you see a flat field with a lump in it thats the place to look. The pics are just a few of the nicer ones. I've got a couple shoe boxes of things that aren't as nice along with a stone plow and hoe type tool. Anyway thats how we spent our weekends when I was a kid. When we moved back to NH we left a box of parts that weighted Oh a couple hundred pounds.
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