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Chin up Ronn, she'll be fine, I'm sure you raised her right.
Esther and I have been dealing with her daughters being too far away for several years now, her oldest daughter (23) lives in New Jersey and is going to Law school in Camden New Jersey, Camden is the Crime Capital of the United States.
Her youngest daughter (19) is also a college student (Radiology) here in Vermont but during summer break she also leaves for New Jersey because she can earn more working down there, so we understand how you feel but these are smart kids we have (yours and ours)
We can't keep them underwing forever (but we'd like to) but by letting them venture out on their own only proves to us as parents how well we raised them.
Personally I never cared if my kids were successful, All I ever wanted was for them to have health and happiness, success is their rewards, their happiness is mine.

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
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