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Scrub Buck
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Each to their own I guess, some people like a prawn sandwich in the early hours, personally by that time I've had a couple of Brandy and Cokes and am far too busy blowing zzz's for any of that - but fun's where you find it and it's a long way to go for many, not to make the very best of every moment!

Personally though, I prefer to just bed down outside near a decent fire with a rifle close to hand - afterall, it's not like it's going to rain!

Here's me after an evening's stalking Mountain Zebra - I can still hear the sound of their laughter ringing in my ears!

Tented safari hunting is my personal preference, with the tent being optional, but you know what, sometimes there's nothing better than a decent bed after a hard day in the velt!

Cheers folks!

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