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This is Etosha-View - nice Burchell Zebra and Red Hartebest, but this place hold the record for the biggest Kudu horns ever shot in Africa (and possibly the biggest lion too!)

At Onduri this is the view from the guest dining area...

...and this is the view at night - every night!

This is Rexes Farm, and when you ask him how far is his, he points to the furthest mountain, and this picture doesn't do it justices - it's 20 miles away - and he points and says 'Just over there a ways' - not bragging, he's just been here forever and loves sharing it with us eager new explorers!

Fabulous places, but South Africa was like this too and still is in sme places, but it's disappearing fast. Best advice I could give, if you really want to see the place, is get over as soon as - it doesn't need to be expensive. Sure, if you want room service and prawn sandwiches at 3.00 in the morning, it's really expensive, but for most folks, we want to be out there amongst it, and staying with a family or on a tented safari is a great way to see the place and get some great hunting in too!

Cheers folks, have a good 'un!

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